Winter is coming, and if you’re not taking your gas Yamaha Golf Car down to warmer weather, you’ll have to winterize it and then place in storage. Here’s what you need to know before you pack away your Yamaha.

Clean your Gas Yamaha Golf Car

  1. Use soap & water, degreaser and any other cleaning products of your choice to help you wash away any dried mud, sand, grime and dirt on the cart.
  2. Clean the battery with water, or water + baking soda.
  3. Check the connecting wires on the battery to locate any potential issues.

Winterize your Gas Yamaha Golf Car

    1. Drain gasoline from all plumbing and parts.
    2. If your golf cart has a shut-off valve, place in off position.
    3. If you don’t have a shut-off valve, disconnect fuel line from fuel tank.
    4. After all fuel has been drained, and lines shut off or removed, run the engine until it quits. Loosen bottom screw on the carburetor bowl to drain the remaining fuel.
    5. Seal the gas tank to ensure no air gets in by tightening the gas cap, and placing a golf tee into the vent tube and seal with duct tape.
    6. Disconnect Battery cables to prevent electrical problems while in storage.
    7. Inflate tires to proper pressure levels to help tires maintain their shape.
    8. Secure the golf car by placing wooden blocks behind the wheels. Do not lock the parking break, if you do the cable will stretch and make it less effective come spring.

    For more information on extended storage or overall golf car maintenance, consult your Yamaha Golf Car owner’s manual.
    To purchase a Golf Car winterizing kit, click here.